Web Page Monitoring

emeerkat is a free web page monitoring service.

emeerkat.com is now ChangeDetect - website update notification.

Are you the operator or owner of a url/content montitoring service and have recently decided to cease offering services or are seriously considering it?

It is never an easy decision to abandon what you worked on for so long. We know... We have abandoned a number of projects that would not (and maybe never would) pan out. No market or too much competition.

Anyway to make up for the loss, we often push the domain to the incumbant and just start over. No big deal. The business was not for us and there is another idea to develop that is better suited to our content, model or timing. The incumbant wins and we win because we do not abandon our existing subscribers.

ChangeDetect has acquired quite a few related services without disrupting the urlminder membership base. Converting your members to ChangeDetect is easy.

While ChangeDetect does not have hoards of big-dot-com era resources to offer to you, we have the resources to provide reliable services (free and paid) to your existing subscriber-base.

The ChangeDetect team has been around. We have mastered the business of offering web page monitoring services. However we are still learning and testing new and different ways of creating value for our members. Delivering outstanding service to our customers is what makes our job enjoyable.

Seriously anytime we can update the ChangeDetect testimonials page with the latest customer quote or praise, we are simply delighted...

Be sure to take a moment to contact us to discuss your website, domain name and/or your plans.